Pop Up Gesture Store

The Pop Up Gesture Store is a different kind of store. We sell experiences not objects. Our currency is not cash but Gesture.

Customers enter Pop Up Gesture Store not to consume goods and services but rather to partake of embodied experiences direct from artist-shopkeepers. Visitors to this “dancing” store select instantaneous live-performances (3′ to 10’in length) from a list of gestures built on movement, touch and words, paying in the store’s own Gesture Currency. Transactions are complete only once patrons reciprocate performances with their own immaterial gestures.

“In return for a little piece of soul
and attention and time,
you need to exchange a little piece of your own soul
and attention and time”

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Creator, Seasonal Concept, Seller  ANDREA HAENGGI
Artistic Advisor, Seller CARRIE AHERN
Philosophical Advisor, Seller ROBERT NEUWIRTH
Artist Sellers: Average of 6-8 Performance Artists who offer their own 2-3 live-performance pieces tailored to the Pop Up Gesture Store

Co-Producers: andrea haenggi, Carrie Ahern and Robert Neuwirth

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HOW SHOULD I PAY FOR ART?  Emily McManus.2016.
TimeOut Tips  Get Swaddled for free in a peculiar Pop Up Sophie Harris. 2014

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Artist and choreographer andrea haenggi performs for a customer the live-performance “The plant has a question for you?” The customer will pay her back with a “gesture” that they come up in the moment.

Checkout Counter #CustomerSellerPortrait: Artist Seller andrea haenggi with customer

Pop Up Gesture Store 2016 Location @ 1067 PacificPeople in Brooklyn


2016 POP UP GESTURE STORE IS SUPPORTED BY OUR KICKSTARTER FRIENDS. Thanks for joining the gesture economy (names in order of received support):
Nicholas Croft, Irene Siegel, Ellie Irons, Robyn Thomas, Henry Neuwirth, Carrie Ahern, Sylvain Flanagan, Tarryn Prinsloo, Jessica Harris, Gabriel Heller, Richard Polt, Elke Rindfleisch, Sarah Weber Gallo, Monika and Pius Burri, Martina Haenggi, Gerold Haenggi, Debroah Gladstein, Adi Ignatius, Cooper Richey- Miller, Barnaby Ohrstorm, Brian Clark Howard, Zachary Caceres, Michele Fox, Jennifer Carlson, DeLesslin Geroge-Warren, Chrisina Rufin, Jeff Antebi, Rhonda Heise Asher, Kelly Hayes, Ari Kuschnir, Kristin Norderval, Aischa Alfonso-Haenggi, Owen LeVelle, Scott Schwartz, Mick Douglas, Sean Basinski, Jermey and Vanessa Morris-Burke, Clif Hubby, Gianluca Rigamonti, Andrea Urech, Aviva Geismar, Monika Reize, Jenna Liberati, Julie Lemberger, Sarah Martin, Ethan Zuckerman, Lucien Zayan, Eric Swanson, Gabriel Ponce de Leon, Jody Sperling, Lisa Osborn, Jack Eggimann, Andrea Gretener, Justin Nobel, Ariana Malushi, E Paul DiMartino and Nancye Good, Sara Bissen, Einy Aam Sparks, Martina Trottmann, Willaim Hooker, Jan Kerckoff, Martina Weber, Polina Porras Sivolobova, Cheryl Clark, Sara Sun, Ilona Kuettel Sow, Annette Fuentes and Paul Young, Christoph Allemann, Rigamonti Raffaella and Giuliana, Sarah Boulos, Miriam Schaer, George Angelovski, Susi Mueller, Carolyn Hall, Amala Lane, Kristina Burke, Chad Lewine, Edisa Weeks, Brian Connell, Ueli Walther, Natalina, Anne Labovitz, Jez Bold, Bettina Holzhausen, Susie Quillinan, Moses Gates, Megan Conway, Achilles Kallergis, Nicole Oppliger-Burri, Raymond Loretan, Martha Williams, Jill Sigman, Barbara Rivera-Berger, Sari, Kimberlae Saul, Jon Santos, Christian Bulgarini, Matthew Bissen, Peter Juselius, Caterina, Morelli, Michael Ashkin, Peter Scibetta, Beth Weinstein, Emeka Okafor, Christopher Moylan, Lorenco Franceschi Biccierai, Barbara Espig, Nick Espig, June Yearwood, Mary Grennberg, Jennifr, Seth Robbins, Alban Wilson, Bruno Steiner, Gabriel Deerman, Tyler Sparks, Jacob Robinette