Summer 2016 Season: We Won’t do it without the Flesh


The summer 2016 theme We Won’t do it without the Flesh—set amidst the West Indian Carnival and riffing on the Joseph Beuys artwork “We Won’t do it without the Rose, Because We Can No Longer Think” (1972)—lets flesh and fat shake, shine, be oily, and cool down, and asks such questions as: when does flesh becomes exotic, when does it threaten, can our bodies reach a fleshly existence we don’t know yet? Can it encourage the return of repressed creative energies? Could it become like a carnivalesque resistance sensibility: a carnivalesque body with its multi-sensorial encounters with humans and more-than-human-world to insist on the social function of the “store” as a potential gathering place.

With artist Carrie Ahern, Andrea Haenggi, Robert Neuwirth and guest artists Mick Douglas and Julieanna Preston from Australia and New Zealand.


some of the #CustomerSellerPortraits with a few store images

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