What is the Pop Up Gesture Store?

The Pop Up Gesture Store is created by Swiss/American artist and choreographer Andrea Haenggi and joined by local and international artists. It is a store as a space not for consuming good and services but as a “dancing” store of intangible gestures direct from artist to consumers. The customers is able to choose an experience from a list of gestures build on movement, touch and words. The 3 to 10 minute long purchased gesture is performed right away for the buyer in the store. The store has its own “gesture” currency. The patrons pay for their performances by paying with an intangible gesture that they are coming up in the moment.

Haenggi’s idea of “store” as the framing device for dance (the most ephemeral of cultural forms) redefines the very notions of store. Haenggi sees the Pop Up Gestures Store as blurring the boundaries between live-performance, shopping and togetherness. It’s poetic structure allows for the customers consciously to be aware of the transfers that occur within the work. Rather that emphasizing process or production as the outcome, the exchange itself becomes the most important outcome identified through the project. It demystifying power relationships through active encounter and provides an expanded view through the presence of the body what we value, how we interact, who is laboring, who empowers who and who is in the state of idleness. The Pop Up Gesture Store is about the question What does this boundary between me and the other mean? Our attempt is to touch this boundary with intimacy, closeness, presence, vulnerability so that this emotional landscapes have the potential for temporary relationship and connection with strangers- of two or more people sharing a moment, a gesture with no judgements. The whole store becomes a collective dimension of social experience with its overtime of collapsing of the distinction between seller (performer) and customer (viewer/audience).

The value encounter structure of the Pop Up Gesture Store Haenggi developed with support by Philosophical Advisor Robert Neuwirth, a journalist/writer who challenges conventional thinking by examining the world’s informal economy close up and Artistic Advisor Carrie Ahern, a dance artist, who is not afraid to use the dancing body in uncomfortable ways with “difficult” subject matters. They all as well are sellers since its first prototype in 2014, followed by its second prototype in summer 2015 and with its seasonal approach in 2016. The store home is since 2014 at 1067 PacificPeople, an experimental artist run urban space in Crown Heights, Brooklyn in New York City.

The Pop Up Gesture Store is seasonal with its specific theme collection and each theme is tailored to its ecological and social realities of the store location. Through an open call artists in the field of dance/choreography, performance art, theater, social sculpture and investigated journalism are invited to become a seller to offer their own intangible gesture(s). All of the artists at the store go though a seller training. The Pop Up Gesture Store explores ideas of new transactional logics and creates a space where stranger to stranger can have encounters and question value of physical presence, connection, labor, idleness, power relationships though the “dancing” body and its gesture economy.

Creator, Seasonal Concept, Seller ANDREA HAENGGI
Artistic Advisor, Seller CARRIE AHERN
Philosophical Advisor, Seller ROBERT NEUWIRTH
Co-Producers: Andrea Haenggi, Carrie Ahern and Robert Neuwirth
Artist Sellers: Average of 6-8 Performance Artists who offer their own 2-3 live-performance pieces tailored to the Pop Up Gesture Store Seasonal Theme.