Fall 2016 Season: Where Do I End and Where Do You Begin

‘when it comes to political anxiety, your gesture is your strongest vote’


The Fall Pop Up Gesture Store Collection  is a retail experience that probes, investigates, heightens and/or palliates people’s exhaustion, frustration and anxiety in this political season through dance, movement and words. The Pop Up Gesture Store uses movement and the body to create emotional landscapes involving trust, risk, proximity, intimacy and vulnerability between buyer and seller. Together, the gestures ask if a retail outlet can spawn a political discourse in form of caring. popupgesturestorepressreleaseoct2016

with artist sellers Carrie Ahern, Robert Neuwirth, Andrea Haenggi and  five specially invited artist sellers: Beau B Baco, Lorene Bouboushian, Maré Hieronimus, Allison Sylvia and Fatimah White.

few of the #CustomerSellerPortraits and couple of store  performance impressions.


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